Breast Cancer Awareness for refugees and immigrant women

In an effort to promote breast cancer awareness, prevention and early detection to the refugee and immigrant community living in Utah, the Comunidades Unidas/Communities United (CU) has a program where they train Multicultural Breast Cancer trainers and educators to help in educational workshops. All the workshops offered are free to the community and they are designed to provide information about breast self-exam, early diagnosis of breast cancer and breast health issues and risks. These workshops would be of interest to anyone concerned about their breast health and can be offered through groups, organizations or business programs via group seminars, Lunch and Learns, health and safety training or conferences and conventions. Workshops are presented in a relaxed format using breast models for demonstration purposes

The mission of Comunidades Unidas is to eliminate ethnic disparities by promoting grassroots outreach, education and capacity building, as well as advocating for long term policy change.

CU is looking for people who would volunteer to be trained. This will help improve the immigrants and refugees’ health.

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Refugees in camps vulnerable to diseases

The displaced at a camp in Eldoret: The UN says delays in acquiring land for resettlement of post-election IDPs in transit sites has increased their vulnerability. Photo/FILE

Conditions in refugee camps usually makes the refugees vulnerable to both infectious and communicable diseases which in general endangers the health of refugees. In most cases the refuges lack access clean water, food, proper shelter, sanitation and to health facilities.  The medical and logistical difficulties faced by these refugees can be catastrophic. This would not only impact the refugees health but it will also impact the hosting country’s resources and economy.

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