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Women and girls brutally abused in refugee camps

When the Burundian and congolese women ran away from their homes to the refugee camps, they expected to find safety and protection. Instead, they simply escaped one type of violence in Burundi to face other forms of abuse in the … Continue reading

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Congo-Forgotten Crisis

Conflict and humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo have caused an estimated 5.4 million deaths since 1998. Most perished from disease and malnutrition. Violence continues to rage with women and girls suffering increasingly brutal attacks. The vast majority … Continue reading

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Cyclone Giri in Myanmar

  Cyclone Giri, which struck the northwestern coast  of Myanmar destroyed houses, schools and health centers and an estimated 250,000 people are in need of urgent assistance.  This led to lack of safe water, healthcare, food and shelter. This condition led … Continue reading

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The Afghan Crisis and the Case for American Action

Afghanistan is facing an immense humanitarian crisis. Because of four years of drought, decades of war, the destruction of irrigation systems and the mining of large areas of agricultural land by the Soviet army, the country cannot feed itself. Millions … Continue reading

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How can one not be affected mentally?

Refugees in different parts of the word experience so many things that inevitably affect not only their social and economic status but also affect them physically, emotionally and mentally. Political strife contributes a lot in the generation of endless streams … Continue reading

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Cholera Epidemic Hits Refugee Population in Haiti

Emergency water sanitation centers have been setup, but one wonders why massive efforts to keep the water supply clean, and educate the population with regards to handwashing, have not been taken early. Of course a major problem is that hundreds … Continue reading

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Migration, Refugees, and Health Risks

Little attention has been given to the health consequences of migration. These consequences not only impact the immigrants but they also affect the communities in which they move in. Immigrants have a range of health issues which can be debilitating … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Awareness for refugees and immigrant women

In an effort to promote breast cancer awareness, prevention and early detection to the refugee and immigrant community living in Utah, the Comunidades Unidas/Communities United (CU) has a program where they train Multicultural Breast Cancer trainers and educators to help … Continue reading

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Refugees in camps vulnerable to diseases

Conditions in refugee camps usually makes the refugees vulnerable to both infectious and communicable diseases which in general endangers the health of refugees. In most cases the refuges lack access clean water, food, proper shelter, sanitation and to health facilities.  The … Continue reading

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